We Are Cooling Experts

We understand the importance of precise temperature control. Our portable cooling solutions are designed to keep you and your facility at the temperature you desire.

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Moisture Control Done Right

Our extensive equipment line allows you to combat unwanted moisture, effectively.

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We Create Clean Environments

Not all air filtration systems are created equal, discover the difference.

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On–The–Spot Heating

You can achieve localized temperature control year-round with our wide range of heating solutions.

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Cool Hard-To-Reach Areas

Perfect for tight spaces, the PortaCool range provides economical and effective cooling where it is needed.

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Airrex specializes in the sale of portable air conditioners, heating equipment and dehumidifiers. We provide portable air conditioners, air systems, spot coolers, dehumidifiers, hepa filters and heaters.

News & Events

JAN 7, 2020

Visit Airrex at The ARA Show In February 2020

Airrex is attending The ARA Show at the Orange County Convention Center, booth 1873, February 10, 11 and 12.
DEC 11, 2019

Airrex Attending AHR Expo In February 2020

Airrex is attending the AHR Expo at the Orange County Convention Center, booth 6381, February 3, 4 and 5.
OCT 30, 2019

Airrex Introduces New Carbon Filters

Remove 99.97% of all airborne particles. With the aid of carbon filters, we are now able to remove odors from smoke or other air pollutants.